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Photographing Camilla's New Collection at Chadstone Boutique

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the launch of Camilla's new clothing collection at their Chadstone Boutique. The event was filled with vibrant energy and beautiful fashion.

I captured stylised images of the store, including the storefront and interior details, as well as the dedicated team members. Throughout the day, I photographed guests shopping, browsing, and enjoying the event, focusing on both posed and candid moments. Camilla loves natural expressions, so I made sure to capture lots of smiles and playful interactions.

Camilla Franks is particular about the image backgrounds, so I paid close attention to positioning subjects against clean and artistic backdrops. This helped ensure that the images reflected the brand’s aesthetic perfectly.

The launch was a fantastic showcase of Camilla's new collection, and it was a joy to document it all. Stay tuned for more stories and photos from my latest adventures!



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