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Kakudai Series: Cloud in 2024 - Sustainable, Scalable, Effortless

I recently had the pleasure of photographing an incredible event for Fujitsu: Kakudai Series: Cloud in 2024 - Sustainable, Scalable, Effortless. The event was held in a beautiful Japanese restaurant, creating a perfect blend of technology and culture.

The atmosphere was both elegant and inspiring, with delicious food prepared by a renowned Japanese chef. The attendees enjoyed a feast of authentic Japanese cuisine, which provided a delightful backdrop for the evening’s discussions.

Throughout the event, there were several engaging presentations by speakers who shared their insights on the future of cloud technology. They discussed how the cloud in 2024 will be more sustainable, scalable, and effortless, reflecting Fujitsu's commitment to innovation and excellence.

Adding to the cultural experience, there was an amazing Japanese drum show that captivated everyone. The powerful rhythms and dynamic performance brought an exciting energy to the evening, perfectly complementing the themes of the event.

As the photographer, I aimed to capture the essence of the event—the seamless integration of gourmet dining, insightful discussions, and vibrant cultural performances. I focused on the interactions between guests, the thoughtful expressions during the presentations, the beautiful presentation of the dishes, and the electrifying moments of the drum show.

Photographing this event was a fantastic experience. The combination of insightful talks, exquisite food, and captivating performances made for an evening that was both educational and enjoyable. The photos highlight the sophistication and forward-thinking nature of Fujitsu’s Kakudai Series.



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