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Photographing a Fun-Filled Corporate Event for Monopoly Dreams

I recently had the fantastic opportunity to photograph a corporate event for the team at Monopoly Dreams Melbourne. Known for their immersive and interactive Monopoly-themed experiences, Monopoly Dreams provides a unique and exciting environment for both work and play.

The event was an absolute blast! Held at their Melbourne location, it was filled with a variety of fun activities including arcade games, laser tag, bowling, and of course, plenty of pizza and drinks to keep everyone energized. The employees really got into the spirit of things, dressing up as various cartoon and fantasy characters. There were even prizes awarded for the best costumes, adding a competitive edge to the festivities.

Throughout the day, I captured the lively atmosphere and the joy on everyone’s faces. From candid shots of team members laughing and bonding over games to posed photos in their creative costumes, the event was a visual treat. It was wonderful to see the Monopoly Dreams team come together to enjoy a day of fun and relaxation outside of the office.

Photographing this event was a delightful experience, and I’m thrilled with how the photos turned out. They really capture the essence of Monopoly Dreams' mission to create memorable and engaging experiences.



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