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Capturing the Faces of Wise Idea: Empowering Through Employment

I’ve had the privilege of working with the incredible team at Wise Idea since 2023, and recently, I had the opportunity to do portrait photography for them. Wise Idea is a remarkable initiative dedicated to transforming the lives of Australians living with mental health conditions through innovative and evidence-based employment programs.

Wise Idea’s mission is to empower these individuals by helping them build skills for work, supporting their families and caregivers, and assisting employers in creating responsive workplaces. The goal is to provide sustainable employment opportunities that not only offer an income but also give a meaningful place in society.

During the photo sessions, I aimed to capture the dedication and passion of the Wise Idea team. Each portrait reflects their commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those they support. It’s inspiring to see how their work helps individuals find and keep jobs, providing a powerful answer to the question, “What do you do?”

Working with Wise Idea has been incredibly rewarding. Their innovative approach to mental health and employment is truly changing lives, and I’m proud to contribute by capturing the faces behind this impactful project.



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