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Portraits for 7 Channel

Recently, I had the exciting opportunity to create portraits for the anchors of Channel 7 in Astana, a prominent broadcaster that started its national broadcasting journey on September 9, 2009. Channel 7, born from the capital’s TV station “Era,” has since grown to cover all major cities and regional centres of Kazakhstan, accessible through cable networks, IDTV, TV+, GalamTV, Bee TV, and its official website.

Over the past decade, Channel 7 has become beloved for its original productions and local adaptations of international shows like “Star Factory,” “Celebrity Dance,” and “40 Million Tenge,” along with Kazakh language series and sitcoms. In 2018, it was among the first to receive YouTube’s Gold Button, celebrating over a billion views, and by 2022, its YouTube subscribers exceeded 3 million.

During this assignment, I also created a “behind-the-scenes” photo series, offering a glimpse into the vibrant, dynamic environment that fuels the channel’s creativity and energy. These images capture both the on-air charisma of the Channel 7 team and the off-camera moments that contribute to their on-screen magic, illustrating the channel’s significant impact on Kazakhstan’s media landscape.

Astana, Kazakhstan


Canon 40D


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