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Capturing Strategic Sessions for Khabar TV

Hey everyone,

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a strategic session for the executives of the national TV channel Khabar. This day-long event was intense and filled with insightful discussions. A business coach was invited to guide the session, and the participants focused on developing strategies for the future of the national state channel.

Throughout the day, there were several strategic sessions, games, and collaborative discussions. It was impressive to see the amount of mental effort and teamwork that went into these activities. The executives were deeply engaged, brainstorming and planning how to take the channel to new heights.

After this comprehensive training, the channel underwent significant changes. The strategic insights gained during the session were implemented, leading to a noticeable transformation in the channel’s approach and operations.

Capturing these moments was an incredible experience. I documented the intense focus, the collaborative spirit, and the dynamic energy of the participants. It was rewarding to see how a well-structured strategic session could lead to real, impactful changes.

Astana, Kazakhstan



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