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Post-AI commercial photography

Today, I want to discuss how technology is transforming commercial photography and what the future holds for us. Image generation technologies, such as CGI, are increasingly being used in advertising and product photography. These technologies enable the creation of high-quality visual content that closely resembles real photos. This is particularly important in e-commerce, where lifelike images of products heavily influence purchasing decisions.

One of the main advantages of CGI is the ability to produce flawless images without the need for expensive photo shoots. This means no more chasing perfect lighting or convincing models not to blink at crucial moments. Many companies are now turning to generative models like DALL-E and Midjourney to create promotional materials, reducing costs and expediting content production.

Additionally, new capabilities like isomorphy, where generative models seamlessly integrate human faces into images, are opening up new possibilities. This means family photography may no longer require everyone to be present in the studio. Instead, a family portrait can be generated using a few pictures, ensuring everyone is smiling and no one is blinking. The potential for personalization is endless, allowing for the selection of locations, seasons, and weather conditions to be perfectly executed.

Isomorphy not only enables the integration of faces but also the creation of photorealistic images that are indistinguishable from reality. However, despite these advancements, reportage photography remains relevant and in demand. This genre requires a unique approach and the ability to capture moments in real time, playing a crucial role in news reporting and documenting important events.

While technological progress is reshaping commercial photography, the human touch remains essential. Generative models are making their mark, but reportage photography will continue to represent the authentic art of photography, where human instinct and intuition are paramount.

The future of commercial photography is here, and it's important to keep up with technological trends while preserving the human element in our art. Ultimately, this is what makes a photo meaningful and authentic.

"AI family photography" project by me and Midjourney v6:


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