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Pet Therapy at the Cardiac Surgery Center: Andrey and Zara’s Story

Many of you know my thoughts on virtual interactions through social media. But sometimes, this unreal world brings surprises—like meeting interesting people. This is how I met Andrey Ch and his dog, Zara.

Let me explain this series (unfortunately, I couldn’t reduce it to just 10-15 shots). Every weekend, Andrey and Zara visit the Children’s Cardiac Surgery Center. Pet therapy is a relatively new concept in our society, with both supporters and critics. However, seeing the children’s smiles and talking with the doctors at our centre, I have come to support this method.

Pet therapy, especially for children recovering from complex surgeries, has shown remarkable benefits. The presence of a friendly, affectionate animal can help reduce anxiety, alleviate pain, and speed up the recovery process. Interaction with pets like Zara can lift spirits, providing emotional comfort and a sense of normalcy during a difficult time.

The smiles on the children’s faces when they see Zara, and the joy in their eyes as they pet and play with her, speak volumes about the positive impact of this therapy. The doctors and staff have also noted significant improvements in the children’s overall well-being since Andrey and Zara started their visits.

It’s truly heartwarming to see how a simple act of kindness and a loving dog can make such a difference in the lives of these young patients. Andrey and Zara’s dedication brings hope and happiness to children facing some of the toughest challenges.

Take a look at the entire album and see for yourself the incredible bond and healing power of pet therapy.

Astana, Kazakhstan



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