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Grooving at the Midsumma Kids Dance Party

I recently had the absolute joy of photographing the Midsumma kids' dance party at the Pauline Gandel Children’s Quarter. This fabulous event was a rainbow disco extravaganza where kids aged 12 and under came dressed in their brightest rainbow attire to dance the afternoon away.

DJ Alice Glenn from No Lights No Lycra had the kids grooving and twirling on the dance floor with her fantastic beats. The energy and excitement were contagious, and it was a delight to capture all the fun moments.

Before hitting the dance floor, the little dancing divas crafted their own rainbow streamer wrist twirlers. It was wonderful to see their creativity as they made these dazzling props to match their dance moves.

Capturing the smiles, laughter, and pure joy of the Midsumma kids' dance party was a fantastic experience. I’m thrilled to have been part of such a lively and colourful event.



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