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"Future Energy" International Symposium

During the 5th Astana Economic Forum, I had the privilege of photographing the unveiling of Kazakhstan’s major environmental and energy initiatives. The event highlighted the Global Energy and Environment Strategy for Sustainable Development, the “Green Bridge” initiative, and Kazakhstan’s bid to host EXPO 2017 on “Future Energy”.

The “Green Bridge” initiative, which focuses on transitioning to green growth, has received international support from 94 countries and will be a key part of Kazakhstan’s proposals at the upcoming Rio+20 Conference.

As a photographer, capturing these moments was particularly significant. The forum not only showcased Kazakhstan’s commitment to sustainable development but also brought together global leaders whose endorsements and discussions underscored the importance of these green initiatives. My images aimed to capture the essence of these discussions and the collaborative spirit of the event, highlighting Kazakhstan’s proactive role in fostering global cooperation and investment in sustainable practices.

Astana, Kazakhstan



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