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Drift Cup 2012 Kazakhstan

In May, I had the chance to photograph the 2012 drift season opener at Boraldai Motorplex. After a long winter break, enthusiasts gathered to kick off the season, filling the air with the sounds of engines and the smell of burning rubber.

The event was a photographer's challenge, requiring quick reactions to capture the fast-moving cars and intense atmosphere. I focused on the drivers' skills and the cars' vivid colours as they raced around the track, providing a dynamic visual experience.

Beyond the races, I captured the preparation in the pits, the drivers planning their routes, and the eager fans. These moments helped to paint a full picture of the day.

Photographing the Drift Cup was about more than just the cars; it was about capturing the community and culture of drift racing. Through my lens, I aimed to showcase the excitement and unity of this event.

Almaty, Kazakhstan


Canon 40D


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