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Capturing the Essence of Korean Cuisine: Menu Photography for DoorDash

DoorDash menu
DoorDash menu

Since the beginning of the pandemic, when most of the world's population was locked in their homes, the delivery of goods, especially food from restaurants, has become especially important. DoorDash and Uber Eats have experienced incredible customer growth since 2020. Therefore, it is very important for restaurants to have a good visual representation of their business on the Internet.

This shoot is the most common example of a photographer for DoorDash.

Things to consider:

- a calm background that does not distract from the dishes;

- a complete and reliable image of the entire dish;

- the attractiveness of the image;

- basic technical characteristics: sharpness, uniformity of illumination, colour purity

The company also requires a photo of all or at least 5 dishes at a time. This picture is called a hero. The very first photo in the post is just that.

Oh yes, the speed of work on-site and the transfer of finished photos is one of the main requirements for a photographer. Are you ready to shoot 15 dishes in 1.5 hours? Can you become a food photographer who has no room for error?


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