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Semen Agroskin

a Moscow-based artist (b.1961)

Participated in exhibition projects since 1987 (17th Youth Exhibition, House of Artists, Moscow), in the early 1990s personal exhibitions were held mainly in the gallery of M. Guelman, in the early 2000s - in the Manege Gallery, and since 2006 begins to actively cooperate with the Moscow RuArts Gallery - exhibitions: Property Inventory: Continuation, 2006; School of Painting, 2007; Night, 2008; Live Iron, 2009. The exhibition "Others" held in 2011 in the gallery 11.12 (CCA "Winzavod", Moscow) had a good press.
Participant of numerous exhibitions of Russian artists abroad (Japan, Germany, Belgium, France, Israel, in 2017 - exhibitions Art Riot: Post-Soviet Actionism at the London Saatchi Gallery), as well as major international projects: ART Karlsruhe (2004, 2005), "Art Moscow" (2006-2008), "Art-Manege" (2000-2004), "Art Klyazma" (2004), "Art-Pole" (2005), special project "Egalitarianism" of the 1st Moscow Biennale (2005).

His works are in the collections of the Union of Artists of Russia, in the collections of museums in Russia and abroad, as well as a significant part of his works are in private collections in Russia, France, Germany, Italy.

Photos were made during silk print production of limited edition work named "LOVE" (2021)

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