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Sayan Baigaliyev

a Kazakh young contemporary artist (b. 1996)
Sayan’s artistic gesture represents a unity of Turkic locality and nomadic multiculturalism; the Kazakh author engages in spatial transformation.
Sayan embeds the spectator into scenes captured from every day, reducing the aesthetic distance.
Recently, still-lives have become the artist’s daily subject — the piling of information in a context of external turbulence forces us to engage in meditative dialogue with self via colour and composition. No prearrangement — only a sincere contemplation of chance observations and intuition.
Immediate “capturing” of the space is manifested by oil objects, coming through the surface towards the viewer, making their presence felt while recalling their origin — painting.
Sayan works with the third dimension and reverses it. He balances between profane and sacred spaces, breaking the laws of linear perspective, proportions and the conventional structure of the External. The real is substituted by irreal, the functional — by functional.

Photos were made in his artist's home studio (2022)

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