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Katya Rozhkova

a Moscow-based contemporary artist (b. 1969)

She draws with a simple Koh-i-Noor pencil. For a long time, in detail and very scrupulous. Each crack, scratch, and break - traces left on objects by time. So she follows the elusive and at the same time extremely simple logic of the depicted subject.

Rozhkova depicts plates, buckets, telephones, and cameras, trying to look through her obedient and meticulous pencil where real objects of everyday life lose their familiar ties with the world and turn into objects of contemplation. Still lifes, an old washstand, a Singer sewing machine, white window bindings of a post-war terrace, bushes. In the centre of artistic practices, Rozhkova is an object, she brings it both in scale and pitch to a sign. The large-scale format of the easel work, and the technical luxury of the classic drawing - as if the chamber drawing was raised to power - all give rise to an unusual effect in which the opposites of the boring technique seem to be shot.

Her works are in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, in the collections of ABN AMRO Bank, Petrocommerce Bank (Moscow), Fleming Bank (London), private collections in Russia, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, France, Israel and the United Kingdom.

Photos were made during Gumbi chromate print production of her limited series named "The White School" (2021)

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